Welcome to Shooting the Kitchen, where we take you on a journey into the lives and kitchens of chefs, food personalities and culinary artisans. Take a peek behind the curtains as we go behind the scenes, showing you the inner workings of our favorite culinary geniuses.

Susan and her camera will take you on a visual tour of your favorite restaurants and food related places, where you will discover what happens behind the scenes. Along with her pictures, Susan interviews the chefs to giving you insights into  the inner workings of her subject’s domains and a deeper understanding of the culinary world and a recipe for your kitchen. 

Bringing you the best of both worlds. The behind the scenes world of professional culinary life and the ability to translate that into your own cooking and kitchen!

Susan Powers loves images and the stories they tell. Taking her camera and her unique eye into the kitchens of the busiest chefs, and most creative food artisans, she sculpts a story with her pictures. Her love for food, photography and editorial writing come together to create the perfect combination for Shooting the Kitchen.

She has photographed and authored 5 books on raw food and photographed cookbooks for other chefs along with shooting some of the countries top chefs and food for various commercial publications.

You can find Susan at Susan Powers Photography.com or email her at: Susan Powers




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Katrina Hannemann March 31, 2011 at 5:30 pm

I LOVE this concept and am so jealous I didn’t think of it first =) Kudos to this amazing site!


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